Posters April 2013:

Chris Devine ’13, Neurobiology
Investigating the fidelity of axolotl forebrain regeneration
Laboratory of Jeffrey Macklis

Alexa Fishman ’13, Psychology
Epic Fail? The Influence of Star Player Underperformance on Teammate Performance
Laboratory of Richard Hackman

Pragya Kakani ’14, Neurobiology
Characterizing changes in reinforcement learning among dysphoric populations
Laboratory of Diego Pizzagalli

Christine Shrock ’13, Neurobiology
The role of ionic zinc in neuronal cell death and regeneration after CNS injury
Laboratory of Larry Benowitz

Lynn Shi ’13, Neurobiology
Mapping the Brain’s Connections to Midbrain Dopamine Neurons Using Modified Rabies Virus in Transgenic Mice
Laboratory of Naoshige Uchida

Cynthia Tsai ’13, Psychology
Emotionally Valenced Working Memory Taxation: Effects upon the Reactivation of Negative Memories
Laboratory of Richard McNally

Shelun Tsai ’13, Neurobiology
TorsinA assists in the folding and secretion of wild-type α1-antitrypsin
Laboratory of Xandra Breakefield

Matthew Yung ’13, Psychology
Theory-of-Mind and Relationship Satisfaction in Romantic Partners: An fMRI Investigation
Laboratory of Christine Hooker

Jessica Zuo ’13, Neurobiology
White Matter Abnormalities in First-Episode Schizophrenia
Laboratory of Martha Shenton