Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week, launched by the Dana Foundation and supported by the Society for Neuroscience, is a global campaign to raise interest in and awareness about brain science. On March 14, 2013 the Conte Center participated in a Harvard Graduate School of Education program hosting 150 sixth-graders from Malden, MA for a day long “Youth Conference on Brain Awareness.” The event featured two lectures and 10 science fair style ‘brain stations.’

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Brain Awareness Week – Photos courtesy of Chad Desharnais, Lauren Schiller, and Penny Gordon, posted with permission of Salemwood School

Brain Awareness Week 2013:

In collaboration with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, we hosted 150 sixth-graders from Malden, MA for a one day “Youth Conference on Brain Awareness” on March 14, 2013. The event featured two lectures and 10 science fair style ‘brain stations,’ including 3 stations led by Conte Center members: (1) a hands-on comparative brain anatomy station, (2) a history of neuroanatomy station introducing students to methods for visualizing neurons, including ‘Brainbow’ mice (preceded by a hands-on light microscopy station), and (3) a mental health station focusing on the use of mouse models to study anxiety and social behaviors. In addition, on the same day our Center director, Dr. Hensch, gave a keynote lecture on “Neural Development” as part of Northeastern University’s undergraduate program for Brain Awareness Week.